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Where to Learn Spanish in Panama City

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    Spanish is the official language but many Panamanians speak English, especially in the healthcare sector and tourist areas. Learning Spanish can significantly enhance your experience and help you integrate into the community.

    Below is a list of the most remarkable schools where you can learn Spanish, each offering unique experiences and programs tailored to different needs and preferences.

    • Spanish Panama Language School: A Canadian-Panamanian directed Spanish language school known for its professional and well-educated teachers. They have a 20-year history of successfully teaching Spanish to foreigners and offer a variety of customized Spanish courses for different levels and needs. They also offer salsa dance classes!
    • Casco Antiguo Spanish School: Located in the Casco Antiguo neighborhood of Panama City, this school offers lessons for all levels and purposes. It also offers free weekly activities and volunteer programs.
    • EPA! Spanish School: With locations in Panama City and Boquete, EPA! offers Spanish language courses alongside special programs that include fun activities for a full immersion into the Hispanic language. Prices are available here.
    • ILERI Spanish School: The most experienced school in Panama since 1994. ILERI has agreements with Brookhaven College to assign transfer academic credits for those traveling without a Spanish Teacher.
    • LSI Education: Located in one of Panama City’s best neighborhoods, Punta Paitilla, they offer general, intensive, and premium courses.
    • Universidad de Panama: The Spanish course for foreign students issued by the University of Panama offers a comprehensive academic approach to learning Spanish.

    Learning Spanish in Panama City offers not only language skills but also a deep dive into the local culture, facilitated by a variety of school programs and extracurricular activities.

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