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How to Order from Amazon in Panama

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    To order something from Amazon in Panama, you should use mailbox companies that will manage your shipment from the US to Panama. Once you have opened an account with these companies, they will give you the address of their Miami facility, where you will send your Amazon orders. Enter this address in your Amazon account when you make the order and choose the products from Amazon US.

    When your pack arrives in Miami, it will be shipped by plane to Panama City and then delivered to the facility of the mailbox company. Some companies also offer for a small additional price the shipment directly to your place.


    The price for the shipment from Miami to Panama will depend on the weight or volume of your order. Usually, these mailbox companies have a charge between $2 and $4 per Volumetric pound or around $3 to $8 per pound. If you order something small and valuable this will be the option, otherwise for big and heavy products, buying from a local store could be a better option.

    Consider an additional $10 for the delivery to your place.

    Delivery Time

    Consider an additional week compared to the Amazon date, therefore the arrival of the package in Miami and 1 or 2 more days for the delivery to your place.

    List of MailBox Companies in Panama

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