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Moving to Panama

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    This article shows you how to move easily and quickly to Panama from another country

    Moving to Panama City from another country is a hard choice but could be an exciting adventure; it requires a good plan and careful preparation.

    There are many reasons why people move to Panama: a stable economy, a high quality of life, tax benefits and favorable retirement, the tropical climate conditions, and many more reasons. Panama's unique location offers an experience of a lifetime. In Panama there are a wide variety of tropical rainforests, and beautiful beaches along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Panama also offers diverse landscapes, ease of living, modern infrastructure, and a big international community that speaks very good English.

    Whatever your reason for living in Panama, this article will help you walk through the process step by step.

    Saving Up

    Before moving to Panama, ensure you have sufficient savings to cover initial expenses. Build your budget based on:

    • Apartment rent and deposits (around 3 months' rent).
    • Living expenses including food, household items, and furniture if your apartment is not fully furnished.
    • Relocation expenses, which might include plane tickets and temporary accommodation upon arrival.
    • Residency process expenses: Take into account the cost of the residency process before you move to Panama.

    Find an Apartment

    Finding an apartment in Panama City could be easy, but is crucial to save up the money needed for the rent and first deposit and to prepare all the documentation needed. You can use online resources like real estate listings to explore apartments that match your budget and preferences.

    Consider a series of factors like safety, location, and proximity to work when choosing a neighborhood.

    Check the article How to find an apartment in Panama City for more details

    Acquiring Health Insurance

    In Panama, Health insurance is a mandatory step. Most of the health services and the best hospitals are private so make sure you have coverage.

    Research and compare health insurance options to find a plan that suits your needs. Read the article about Health Insurance for more information about it.

    Residence Permit

    Based on your position, you may require a residence permit to live in Panama.

    Residence permit applications can be made by yourself at a Panamanian embassy or consulate but is strongly suggested to contact and get help from a law firm.

    Find a law firm and ask them for a quote for applying for a residence permit before moving to Panama.

    For more details check the article Residency in Panama

    Finding a Job

    Having already a job offer in Panama is crucial, and it can make it easier for you to settle in the country. Learning Spanish is advantageous for broader job prospects. Start your job search early, even before your move, to enhance your chances of finding suitable employment.

    Consider self-employment and starting a business in Panama

    Here more informations: How to find a job in Panama

    Settling In

    Once you arrive in Panama City, some essential tasks await:

    • Open a local bank account for financial transactions, usually, it could be done by your law firm in the residency process.
    • Get a mobile phone contract or SIM card to have an internet connection.
    • For legal and tax compliance, make sure to register your new address, with your bill and rent contract.

    Planning for the Future: After several years, you may qualify for a passport or permanent residence depending on your situation, providing additional security and freedom.

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