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Rum in Panama

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Starting from the Pirate era, Panama has a long tradition of rums. Panama, in fact, has a large production of rum and is a top-ranking export for the country. While the most used alcoholic beverage is “seco", a crystal-clear distillate from sugarcane, rum plays an essential role in the Panamanian scenario.

Panamanian rum has great historical and complex flavours, heavily influenced by its climate, the quality of the sugarcane, and the skill of its distillers. The tropical climate of Panama, with lots of rain and sunshine, is perfect for the cultivation of sugarcane, the main raw material for the production of rum. This atmosphere results in a rum that is rich in flavour and aroma.

Panamanian rum is typically aged in barrels, which contributes to its complex flavour profiles. The ageing process in the tropical climate of Panama is faster compared to cooler climates, which accelerates the interaction between the rum and the barrel, imparting depth, character, and a smoother finish to the rum.

Some of the Most Notable Rum Brands from Panama

  • Abuelo Rum - Ron Abuelo is renowned for its aged expressions, offering a range of rums that are appreciated worldwide for their quality and flavor.
  • Pedro Mandinga Rum - 100% Artisanal Panamanian rum and the first made with artisanal “raspadura”.
  • Carta Vieja Rum - Born in 1915, Carta Vieja is still one of the best-selling rums in Panama today.
  • Zafra Rum - Zafra Rum enjoys international acclaim for its premium quality.
  • Grander Rum - Distilled, aged, and bottled in Panama using locally grown sugarcane.
  • Panamá-Pacific Rum - Panama-Pacific Rum is a Cuban-style molasses-derived rum made at the San Carlos distillery in the province of Herrera, region of Panama.
  • Selvarey Rum - U.S.-based rum brand, distilled in Pesé, Panama.

Panamanian rums have gained international recognition and have won numerous awards in spirits competitions. The country's rum producers continue to innovate while maintaining traditional methods, contributing to Panama's growing reputation in the global spirits industry.

Some Rum Bars in Panama City

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