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Quijano & Associates

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    Since 1959, the lawyer firm Quijano & Associates, is one of the most renomated firms in Panama. The firm is supported by a team of experienced lawyers, with expertise in the complex legal landscape in Panama. The firm has offices in multiple locations: Panama City, The British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Bahamas, Belize, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

    Main Expertise

    Its proficient specialists are thoroughly dedicated to their profession, encompassing many fields of legal expertise, such as: banking and finance, Immigration law, capital market, company formation, data protection, environmental law and energy, labor law, intellectual property, cryptocurrency and digital assets, etc.


    Thanks to the excellence of their service, Quijano & Associates has established itself as one of Panama’s most respected law firms among banks, international financial institutions, shipping lines, foreign investors, and multinational companies. Furthermore, the firm is appointed Special Agents for corporate and maritime affairs in the Marshall Islands.

    Areas of Practice

    The study is also one of the points of reference regarding relocation of international investment companies. Quijano & Associates can deliver a comprehensive range of legal services efficiently and affordably, leveraging technology and the expertise of seasoned professionals.


    Quijano & Associates can be considered an excellence in the legal field, offering a diverse type of services to catch the dynamic needs of its clients. With a legacy of expertise spanning decades, the firm's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and unwavering client dedication sets it apart in the industry.


    Quijano & Associates

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