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Mata & Pitti

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    Established in 1984, Mata & Pitti is a Panama law firm offering over 30 years of experience to an international clientele interested in the offshore legal opportunities that Panama offers.

    Main Expertise

    Mata & Pitti is a proficient Panama law firm specializing in Panama’s global-oriented legal services for companies and individuals. Their main practice areas include incorporations and management of Panama IBC’s and Private Interest Foundations, ship registrations, Immigration law, real estate services, Panama and international banking and encompassing brokerage.

    Services Offered

    They can browse our legal services to discover the advantages of utilizing a Panama company for their international operations or the asset protection that a Panama Foundation can provide.


    Mata & Pitti can be considered an excellence in the legal field, offering a diverse type of services to catch the dynamic needs of its clients. With a legacy of expertise spanning decades, the firm's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and unwavering client dedication sets it apart in the industry.


    Mata & Pitti

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